Quality Purina food
Purina quality is offered for free with every stay.
Special needs and medicine
We take care of all the special needs and medecine prescription without additional charges
Exceptional boarding facility
We provide an exceptional boarding facility for your pet. Our kennels are clean and well maintained.
Controlled climate
Our kennels are heated or air conditioned to make sure the temperature is just right.
Legal and Insured
Canine resort is fully insured and licensed.
Owned and operated by Veterans
Show your military ID and receive a military discount.
We strive to provide your pet with a tidy, spacious, stress free environment during their stay with us. Each guest kennel is complimented with a large outdoor run as well as access to a vast exercise area up to 2-3 times a day.
Hugs are free
HUGs are always in demand and are given free and often!!!